Akshaya Venugopal


Shipped Titles

Titles that I have worked on so far

Call of Duty : Modern Warfare and Warzone

Added features to model viewer to see more information about selected models such materials, textures and decimation graph of LOD values to help with optimization. Created a material merging process for characters and weapons to reduce draw calls using Instalod and Maya.Created a new asset creation tool which helps artist create an asset using either Maya/Max which can be imported into the engine. Setup a facial solver farm process using Deadline which automatically processes the latest file submitted. 

Helped with a screenshot feature which lets artist take screenshot images of an asset using the model viewer and to make the image used by the asset management tools.Helped create a tool that installed our tools and setup environment for outsourcing artists.

Call of Duty : Infinite Warfare

Worked on setting up a pipeline for Substance Designer and Substance Painter for use with our workflow and wrote scripts for exporting and version control. Created a tool to visually see runtime costs and high LOD models for a chosen level as a heat map. Worked on tool to help artists download textures/models from Megascans using their website, track through a mysql database and integrate it into our asset system. Created a tool to help setup a new artists workstation which installed applications, scripts and setting up environment variables. Created a script to automatically add new assets to a map to help level artists review assets. Helped with fixing issues with collision and scriptable vfx models. 

Forza Motorsport 6

Supported artist with technically challenging parts of their work flow with the intention to make it easier via scripting and tools. Scripted and maintained tools for 3DS Max using MaxScript and worked on standalone applications using C#. Documented tools and methods, mentored artists in technical art methodology and practices. 

Used diagnostic tools to examine current content, game performance, and identify areas for improvement. 

Guild Wars 2

Designed and developed tools with PyMel, Python and C# for use by artists for software packages like Maya. Main task consisted of maintain existing toolset and updated code from MEL to PyMel. 

Investigated and provided solutions for in-game performance issues. Created and maintained documentation to inform artists on how to use the tools.