Akshaya Venugopal


LucidDream, is a student project headquartered at Electronic Arts’ Redwood Shores campus.  We are developing a virtual reality experience that maintains an user’s sense of immersion by utilizing three devices: the Oculus Rift, the Myo from Thalmic Labs, and Intel’s Creative Camera.  A player will be able to interact with our constructed world by using their hands, and that will add to the realism for which we are trying to achieve.  Our final product will be a short one to two minute demo of how these devices can work together to make an utterly immersive experience for our players and show them the potential of these amazing devices. 

Check out the project website at : http://www.etc.cmu.edu/projects/lucid-dream/

We have decided to make a paranormal experience in which the user casts spells using his hands to seal away ghost's. The scene takes place in an old room which belonged to a little girl. I started out by researching old deprecated houses and moved on to looking at various childrens rooms. 

My role on the team was as a 3D Artist. I created some of the models which was used in the experience and also textured them. I also created the rig and animations for player model. I also wrote some shaders to create a magical recharging effect for a tattoo on the players arms  and did the lighting for the scene. 

Scene Setup ( Click to enlarge )